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Discover How BEing Simply Irresistible Will Have You Easily Attract a High-Quality Man Who is Ready to Commit and Create the  Relationship of Your Dreams!

As a professional woman who values success, you have probably already invested in learning how to create the kind of life you want, and it’s likely that you are achieving your goals and experiencing success in many of the other areas of your life.  However, you still have not had the loving, committed relationship you want with a man who loves, accepts and champions you.

If you are the kind of woman who isn’t afraid to do some inner work in order to shift what hasn’t been working in dating and relationships so that you can begin to experience success in love, then this transformative and immersive 3-day event is for you!

Here’s the thing…

There are unique challenges that successful women face when it comes to love and relationships. And, while you may have already invested a lot in your spiritual and personal development and it has helped you create a lot of success in other areas of your life, consider that there is still something that is in the way of you attracting and having the kind of experience in love and relationships that you truly want.

This can feel frustrating and confusing, because, as powerful and capable as you feel in the other areas of your life, and as much as you may enjoy the life you are living, there is still that part of you that knows that you desire to share this life with a man who treats you with the love and affection you deserve.

If you’re ready to do the deep, HeartWork that it takes to remove those hidden blocks and begin attracting the truly extraordinary love you want to experience for a lifetime, then this event is the answer you’ve been waiting for!

If you are willing to learn the skills that will have you remove negative and ineffective thought and behavior patterns so that you can break through the Love Barriers standing in your way, making it easy for the man and the love that are already waiting for you to find you, we can help!

And if you’ve done a lot of inner and spiritual work, read books, watched videos, attended seminars, and you’re still not having the experience you want in dating and relationships, then know that what you will learn at this event will actually help you put all that you’ve learned into practice in a way that gives you the kinds of results you want in your love life!

This event is perfect for you if you are ready to stop wasting time and start using the skills that have been proven to work time and time again in the lives of countless women around the world to help you attract, create, and nurture extraordinary love!

Knowing the skills necessary to attract and keep the right man can mean the difference between continuing to experience heartache in dating and relationships and having the kind of loving relationship your heart desires!

So, if you’re ready, then read on, because this event is going to change your life!

Come spend three days with us and other successful women who are as highly committed as you are to creating the kind of loving relationships their hearts truly desire and learn how to confidently and authentically attract a confident, loving, relationship-ready man.

This is event is for every successful woman. Whether you are a single woman who is ready to attract the right man so that you can have the extraordinary loving relationship you have always wanted, or you are a woman who is married or in a relationship and you want to discover new levels of love, intimacy, and romance with your man, there will be breakout sessions specifially tailored to address your unique relationship needs.

During these three days, you will learn the keys to attracting and keeping a high-quality man.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify the hidden and subconscious Love Barriers that are having you self-sabotage your love life so that you can break these ineffective patterns for good
  • Tap into your Irresistible Essence by learning the specific skills and strategies that have you transition from being “The Unstoppable Woman” at work to being “The Irresistible Woman” in your love life so that you are consistently attracting love, attention, and affection from a man who is available, loving, confident, and looking to create lifelong love with a woman like you
  • Easily and effectively communicate, connect, and have intimacy with a man so that dating and relationships stop feeling heavy and burdensome and become exciting, fulfilling and fun!

How The Irresistible Woman LIVE is Unlike Other Dating and Relationship Seminars

Our approach is different because we don’t teach dating and relationship tips, tricks, “shortcuts” that you may have learned in other programs and events which only deal with what you can “do” to get a man.  If only knowing what to do was effective, you’re a smart woman, and you would have already done it and had the relationship that you truly want.

The problem with that approach is that just knowing what to do doesn’t create real and permanent transformation, because it doesn’t deal with what is at the root of what is having you attract the wrong kind of man and make the choices you have been making.  It deals with things at a surface level, but, because you haven’t truly changed your mindset and way of BEing, the moment something happens that triggers a fear, doubt or limiting belief about yourself, men, and/or relationships, you’ll automatically go back to doing what you “know.” And, since what you know has not given you the results that you want in the past, you find yourself in the same familiar and heartbreaking place, and you begin to feel like you just can’t succeed at love.

The Irresistible Woman training is completely different.

Rather than only giving you a list of things to “do, on the outside, we focus on what there is to shift and transform on the inside. We call this your HeartWork, because it doesn’t deal with thinking, or doing, or strategizing.  Instead, this training is based on scientifically proven methodologies that address what is happening subconsciously in your blind spots, so that you can distinguish, dismantle, and replace the thought and behavior patterns that have been blocking you from having the kind of experiences you want in dating and relationships.

After three days of immersing yourself in this unique and truly life-and-heart-changing experience, you will confidently radiate the incredibly attractive Essence of the Irresistible Woman and no longer worry about whether you will find the man who is right for, you because he will be able to recognize you and will do whatever it takes to pursue, be with, and love you!

Most importantly, we know that what you will learn in this weekend works because we’re not simply teaching you “theory.”  We have both been where you are. We are both highly successful women who have overcome incredible challenges in our lives.  Michelle has been married, divorced, and single.  I was widowed and found myself single after having experienced the relationship that I thought was my once-in-a-lifetime romance.

We both know what it’s like to feel as if all of our dreams, hopes, and plans for a happy future were taken from us.  And we know how painful that feeling of hopelessness can be.


Now we are both blissfully married to incredible men who support and champion us in our business and careers, love and cherish us in ways we never imagined were possible, and who are committed to giving us the experience of knowing that we are loved each and every day of our lives!

The methods and skills we teach are based, not only on scientifically-proven research, but also on our very own lives.  Because, even though we have attracted the men of our dreams, we know what it takes to continue being simply Irresistible Women and keeping the love, passion, and intimacy alive in our relationships.

At the Irresistible Woman LIVE you will have the opportunity to work with us personally in an intimate space where it will feel safe to let down your walls, release the past – including past relationships — remove your Love Barriers, and discover a deeper level of self-love so that you can confidently let go of what no longer works for or serves you and begin to experience success in BOTH your career and your love life!

You will distinguish, dismantle and replace the fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that consistently block and self-sabotage your chances of attracting true love into your life.

You will tap into your Irresistible Essence – those ways of BEing that cause you to be confident, mesmerizing, authentic, and magnetic!

Plus, because you will be engaging, interacting with, and learning from other like- minded, strong, powerful women who are as committed as you are to create and experience true and extraordinary love in their lives, you will take your learning to an entirely new level than if you were trying to do this work on your own.

This 3-day experience is like no other and it will help you create a real and permanent transformation in your love life!

Are You Ready to Finally Have the Loving Relationship of Your Dreams?

Here’s what you get during these three transformational days:

      • Gladys & Michelle will guide you through the process for breaking down the barriers that have been stopping you from attracting the love you want so that you can BE the simply Irresistible Woman who attracts a strong, caring, relationship-ready man.
      • Specially-designed exercises and experiences will make it easy for you to open up your heart, life, and mind to receive the love that is already waiting for you.
        • VIPs will receive preferred seating all three days, an exclusive lunch with the Love Twins, and an intimate reception and Q&A session with Gladys, Michelle and their husbands, where all of your burning questions about love, dating, sex, and relationships will be answered! (Nothing is off the table!) Plus, you’ll get some extra VIP perks we’re keeping a secret!
        • An opportunity to be in a community with other successful women who are as committed as you are to letting go of what is stopping them; growing, learning, and expanding; and opening up to attract, create, and receive the love their heart desires.
        • A unique and life-changing experience that will be the turning point of your life and that you will always remember as the event where everything changed and nothing was ever the same again in life and love!
        • Some special surprises we won’t share now because… well… then they won’t be surprises!

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