The Irresistible Woman Live

LIVE Virtual Event October 22-24, 2021
Create the happy, loving, passionate
relationship you’ve always dreamed of!

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The Irresistible Woman Live

LIVE Virtual Event October 22-24, 2021 at 11am EST

Create the happy, loving, passionate relationship you’ve always dreamed of!



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In 3 Powerful Days, You Will:

  • Stop feeling let down by men and start having them show up for you, the way you desire.
  • Discover the one thing you do to manage your mind while dating or in a relationships so that your man cherishes you for a lifetime.
  • Create a relationship that makes you HAPPY.
  • And much, much more!

This event is perfect for confident women who struggle in relationships and are committed to changing that NOW!

LIVE Virtual Event October 22nd - 24th

Limited Time Offer!

Get your ticket for only $497



Here’s What Past Participants Are Saying

“IWL was the first event I experienced live with the amazing Love Twins. After going through working the Heartwork program breaking free from so many limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck in past wounds I was able to break free truly Love and Accept myself for the amazing gift that I am created by God to impact this world with love and compassion. My heart was ready to receive and give genuine love. I was blessed to marry the most caring wonderful man and continue to have the skills to grow deeper loving connection with my husband as we celebrate our 2 eat Anniversary on 2/17.

This event will empower you to be the best version of you and develop life long sisterhood as you continue to reach new levels of greatest in your life.

I Highly recommend every woman to attend the Irresistible Women Live eventill!!”

~Candy Davies

“IWL helped me connect with my husband on a deeper level. Our relationship is more loving and playful and I’m empowered knowing I have the ability to create that connection.”
~Tabitha Ludlam Benway

“I attended the Irresistible Woman Live event twice. I now have more self love, have released old stories, and am happy and excited to be single and dating (and enjoying it for the first time in my life). I have a better relationship with my mom and a better relationship with myself. I feel and am more empowered in my life. Gladys and Michelle do not disappoint!! They are all about transformation and when you attend their events you will experience true transformation All women everywhere should be banging down the doors to attend this amazing Irresistible Woman Live event. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that shouldn’t be missed by anyone!”

~Marnie Buxbaum

Live Event


Limited time offer








LIVE Virtual Event October 22nd - 24th

Limited-Time Offer!

Grab your ticket for only $497


Virtual Registrations Days: October 21st and October 22nd

Similar to how you would normally check-in at the registration during an in-person live event, registration for this virtual event is mandatory in order to be let into the Main Stage Room. Once you purchase your ticket, you will receive information regarding how to complete your registration on Thursday, October 21st and Friday, October 22nd.

DAY 1 – Love Mindset Mastery: How to Transform and Master Your Thoughts to Create the Love You Want

Become part of a strong sisterhood of successful women who have discovered the power they have to create the life and love their hearts truly desire. Today you will learn the secrets of being a truly magnetic, confident, Irresistible Woman who has the skills that make attracting and keeping the love of a high-quality, fully committed man easy and effortless, allowing you to receive and experience the kind of life and love you’ve always wanted. We will guide you toward discovering a new world where you consistently manifest the love, happiness, success, and abundance you desire and deserve!

11:00 AM – 7:00 PM EST:  Day 1 Sessions

Day 2- Heart-Set Skills: Opening Your Heart to the Power of Love

Today you will learn to apply the practices and skills from Day 1 into your life and relationships so that you can begin creating immediate and lasting results in life and love!  On Day 2, you begin to uncover and master the ways of BEing that will have you break free from the Love Barriers that have been stopping you from creating and experience the life and love that is YOUR birthright!  Get ready to begin opening your heart and life to the extraordinary love and relationship of your dreams!

11:00 AM – 7:00 PM EST: Day 2 Sessions

7:15 PM- 8:45 PM EST: VIP Reception: An Intimate Evening with the Love Twins

Day 3 – Love Skill-set Mastery: How to Create the Relationship of Your Dreams

Day 3 is all about how to continue living the Essences of the Irresistible Woman. We make sure you have a plan to take the information you have received at the Irresistible Woman LIVE and create a transformation in your life – especially your love life! We do this in a way that has love, dating and relationships be easy, exciting, and FUN!  One of the most powerful takeaways from attending this event is that you will leave with life-changing skills, practices, and exercises that will have you feeling completely assured of your power to manifest and live the life and love of your dreams starting right NOW!

11:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST :  Day 3 Sessions


your hosts

Broadcast LIVE October 22 - 24

Limited Time Offer!

Grab your ticket for only $497


Gladys & Michelle give straight-forward, heart-centered coaching that helps you break through any doubt or confusion and get the love you want. Gladys Diaz & Michelle Roza, aka The Love Twins, are internationally sought-out transformational dating and relationship coaches and co-founders of Heart’s Desire International.

For over 30 years they have coached, trained, and supported women around the world in empowering themselves to attract and meet the man of their dreams or reignite the love, passion and romance in relationships they once thought were over!

Through their proven Heart-Work method, they teach women how to effortlessly create the loving, intimate, and lifelong relationships their heart desire with grace, ease, and fun!

It was through living their own experiences of heartbreak and loss – Gladys as a widow and Michelle as a divorced single mom – and then doing the HeartWork to attract and create extraordinary relationships with their husbands, that Gladys and Michelle know the exact steps a woman can take to go from feeling heartbroken and hopeless to being blissfully happy in a loving, supportive intimate relationship with a high-quality man.

Through their deep study of transformational personal and spiritual work; human behavior; the differences between the ways men and women think, speak, and act; effective dating, communication and relationship skills; and their numerous roles as teachers, leaders, coaches, and trainers in multiple industries, they have developed their HeartWork™ Method, which they’ve used in their own lives and relationships to create the happy, loving marriages they have today. They have influenced and guided thousands women all over the world to break free from the past, step into their power, and create the life and love their hearts truly desire.

Get results

Get results

“IWL helped me to get clear on what I desire and the behaviors that I had that were blocking that incredible relationship I wanted. I came to understand how to communicate effectively. To embody the women I am and come from that incredibly magical place where being in relationship to others feels playful and fun and enjoyable. Not only is the event incredibly empowering and fun, but you’ll create connections with other women that you can rely on to talk the new language you learn. These connections are so essential in changing how you view yourself, men, and relationships.”

~Kate McManus

“Being part of your community for so long attending so many events has taught me to SMILE and let my beauty shine. Making eye contact is very important. I have also learned that confidence and love within will make you more attractive on the outside and like a magnet to attract a mate. Recommendations: go to the event with an open mind and open heart. Trust whomever invited you even if the invite was a FB post, it was meant for you for a reason. Don’t expect miracles but be open to them anyway. Hope that makes sense. With love in my heart for all the women on the journey to love!”

~Ariana Fernandez-Coronado

“IWL showed me the importance of self love and that I get to decide what self love looks like to me. Through loving myself I’ve discovered what a real intimate relationship feels like and know I’m ready to create and attract exactly that. I recommend IWL as the first step to take in investing in YOU! Be willing to take yourself on, Do the inner work to Have what you desire.”

~Kathy Fisk Mela

LIVE Virtual Event October 22nd - 24th

Limited-Time Offer!

Get your ticket for only $497



What Clients Say

“I attended the event and got the everything my heart desires!”

“It’s funny, because, when I was at the seminar, I cried several times because was worried that our relationship was over. However, I learned how to step into my Irresistible Feminine Essence and stop emasculating my man. I discovered how to communicate and connect with him in a way where we both felt heard and understood, and now… I’m very happily married to the man of my dreams!”“During the seminar I was going through a very tough time. I had just been laid off and was debating between staying or going back to my country. I was also struggling with the decision of leaving a relationship where I felt disrespected, unsupported, and diminished, and I was angry with myself for not honoring myself. I realized at the seminar that I had to stop.

I chose to see myself beyond what I was going through and regain my power by focusing on me and my happiness.

Once I let go of the relationship and regained my self-love and self-respect, I allowed myself to dream again.The result was the fulfillment of everything my heart desires! I got a scholarship, found the job of my dreams, and I found the Prince Charming I wanted since childhood. All because I chose me! Trust the process, trust yourself, and have faith because nothing is impossible!”

~ Diana (Now happily married!)

“Our relationship went from ‘good’ to “great!’”

“I’ve been with my husband for 12 years, and things were good. At the seminar, I learned so much about how to be a strong woman in my business while also being an Irresistible Woman in my relationship. I learned how to be a better partner, how to communicate and express love in a way that brings us closer together, and I felt so confident and great about myself and our relationship, that we went from ‘good’ to ‘great!’“

~ Trish

I attended the Irresistible Woman Event, and I got engaged!”

“It’s funny, because, when I was at the seminar, I cried several times because was worried that our relationship was over. However, I learned how to step into my Irresistible Feminine Essence and stop emasculating my man. I discovered how to communicate and connect with him in a way where we both felt heard and understood, and now… I’m very happily married to the man of my dreams!”

The IWL event along with the IW intensive study course made a huge difference to me. It opened my eyes to how i was holding
myself back, believing in old stories i had written or others projected on me. Doing the “Heart Work” helped me find me. And in the process let go of limiting beliefs, actions and people that no longer served who i wanted to be! And as a result im in a committed relationship with a wonderful man. Who is flying from another State to spend Valentine’s day with mel! This works Ladies! And i will tell you, i was a very slow learner but better late than never And yes you can use my name and pics i sent. It would be an honor

~Charley Dixon

our husbands

meet our husbands

Some of the biggest breakthroughs of the event happen during our special VIP event: “An Intimate Evening” with the Love Twins.”

Here, you will be able to ask our husbands and us ANY questions you have about men, love, dating, relationships, and sex (nothing is off the table!) in an intimate setting.

You DON’T want to miss out on this unique experience! Seating is limited and we always sell out this session, so make sure you grab a VIP ticket today!

LIVE Virtual Event October 22nd - 24th

Limited-Time Offer!

Get Your Ticket For Only $497